Everwebinar Review, Bonus and Automated Webinar Demo Everwebinar Review, Bonus and Automated Webinar Demo
Wondering if the new Everwebinar system is for you? See our full demo, the complete review and more! What is Everwebinar? Can it help... Everwebinar Review, Bonus and Automated Webinar Demo 5

Everwebinar Review, Bonus, and DemoWondering if the new Everwebinar system is for you?

See our full demo, the complete review and more!

What is Everwebinar? Can it help your online business?

Everwebinar is a web based app from Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins that allows you to create pre-recorded, automated webinars for your evergreen internet marketing campaigns.

An evergreen campaign simply means its an ongoing campaign that you can have running all the time.

Using Everwebinar, you’re able to have your webinar stream as if it’s happening live in real time.

Ok sounds good but what’s the real benefit?

First of all, there’s nothing quite like a webinar for conversions.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got 10 people on or hundreds, these are your most qualified prospects.

Using Everwebinar, you’re able to record a pre-recorded video which can be a previous live webinar (if you’re still doing live webinars) or you can record a video to use in the Everwebinar system.

In all reality, there’s never a need to put on a live webinar any more for your sales presentations.

How Does Everwebinar Work?

As you can see in the dashboard in the image below, Everwebinar has a simple to use interface that walks you through the process step by step to getting your webinar online.

Everwebinar Dashboard

You can setup Everwebinar to either use a previous live webinar from Webinar Jam or you can load an external link of your video file.

You don’t have to be a customer of Webinar Jam for Everwebinar to work.

Webinar Jam is for using live webinars and will integrate your previous live webinars into Everwebinar for playback as a evergreen webinar.

If you don’t have Webinar Jam or not interested in using Live Webinars, it’s perfectly ok.

You can use an external link – we personally upload our webinar videos to Amazon S3 to playback and it works perfect.

Here’s why this is hands down the best automated webinar software on the market.

  • Allows you to schedule the webinar for a specific time or you can have it repeat at certain times every day.
  • Create just in time webinars that can play automatically every 15 minutes – this way if you’re driving leads from Facebook, your visitors can jump in and catch the webinar.
  • Multiple squeeze page designs for your webinar¬† – and they even sort the pages based on best conversions!
  • Will send registration reminders to notify your subscribers of your webinar.
  • These reminders include the initial registration as well as a last minute reminder about the upcoming event.
  • Will allow you to integrate with 3rd party SMS companies to send your reminders as well
  • Allows you to notify your subscribers of your replay with your built in Replay page…¬† (you don’t need to do anything special or different – Everwebinar will use your video to automatically build out a Replay page)

The replay feature is huge because more and more people are catching the replays.

Integration with Everwebinar

As you can see in the image below, that Everwebinar has the ability to integrate with other software.

The primary ones you’ll be using are your autoresponder and 3rd party tracking.


Integrating Your Autoresponder with Everwebinar

You can use any of the following for your autoresponder

  • Karta
  • Aweber
  • Getresponse
  • Icontact
  • Infusionsoft
  • Mailchimp
  • Imnica
  • 1Shopping Cart
  • Active Campaign

Everwebinar Email Integration

And you’ll notice a tab for Other

You can use any form code that your email autoresponder puts out and paste in the code.

And Everwebinar will automatically add the subscribers to your integrated email autoresponder.

With some of these autoresponders, you’re able to do more.

For example, using Active Campaign, you can track your users behavior and can base your email campaigns on whether your subscribers watched your webinar.

Most of the email autoresponders do not have this ability.

What is Everwebinar’s 3rd Party Tracking Systems?

Here you can embed your tracking code from Google Analytics, Facebook or any 3rd party tracking system.

This not only allows you to track conversions, sales, and your traffic, but this also allows you to retarget your visitors with your remarketing campaigns.

This is not necessary, however it is something that will help to improve your ROI from your adspend.

Finalizing Your Automated Webinar

Everwebinar gives you several options in getting your automated webinar ready to go live including tracking your sales from your webinar and providing built in Thank You pages, Replay pages, and notifications.

For most, you’ll use the webinars for lead generation to sell your stuff.

However, using the Everwebinar system, you’re even able to charge people to view your webinar.

This is great if you’re doing a class and would like to charge your subscribers to view the content of the class.

What’s the Price?

Currently, the price of Everwebinar is $497 per year.

Click Here to get started

What About An Everwebinar Discount?

Unfortunately, there’s no Everwebinar discount at this time.

However, we provide a bonus package for anyone that purchases through our link here that’s actually worth more than what you’ll invest in Everwebinar.

Here’s what you’ll get when you invest in Everwebinar

Bonus # 1: Over The Shoulder List Building Course

Everwebinar Bonus

Value $997

In order to make Everwebinar work for you, you’ll need a consistent supply of leads.

With this training program, you’ll see how to bring in leads, monetize your list, and make money online from your list building efforts.

Bonus # 2 – Done For You Setup (Value $497)

Worried about the tech aspect of setting up your first Everwebinar?

Don’t sweat it because when you order through our link here, we’ll do all the setup for you.

All you have to do is send us your video url, your autoresponder code, and all the details you’d like and our team will setup everything for you.

Order Everwebinar

Here’s how to claim your bonuses…

Step # 1 : Order Through Our Link by going here

Step # 2: Forward your receipt to support at bhcfoundationeast.org

Step # 3: Give our team 48 hours to respond and we’ll work with you to get everything setup.